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Water Projects

Geocell Slope ErosionGeosynthetics offer many benefits over traditional methods of construction in the water industry where structural drainage, flood management, erosion control and soil reinforcement are required. PROLining Geosynthetics has developed a range of geocomposite drainage products, erosion control mats, geo-cellular confinement systems, geogrids and geotextiles to provide solutions for these water applications. 

All PROLining products come with design advice and technical guidance. Our experience across many areas of infrastructure including current AMP and WEM frameworks means we can ensure that you get the right product for your specific application.

Structural Drainage

With origins and an established history in the manufacture and supply of high performance drainage geo-composites, PROLining’s Deckdrain has wide applications in the Water Industry, offering an efficient and cost effective alternative to stone drainage layers. 

A extensive range of options are available for incorporation on, around, and under buried concrete structures including roof and wall drainage to potable water storage and ground water drainage and floatation protection to water storage and treatment tanks. 

The increasing demand for “intelligent membranes”, leak detection and location systems, required a complimentary drainage and protection layer. Recent developments have seen the introduction of Deckdrain G with a special latticed cuspate design, developed to support and compliment this technology.

Soil Reinforcement

Offered are a range of geogrids, geotextiles and geocells with applications in the construction of access routes and working platforms

Erosion Control

Permanent protection is offered in standard and reinforced Erosion Control Mats ( Erosamat 3/20Z500 ) and geo-cells ( Erosaweb ) , while temporary protection is available in bio- degradable jute ( Erosamat type 1 ) and coir ( Erosamat type 2 ). Degradable Erosion Control ( Erosamat type 4K ) is offered in both seeded and unseeded blankets.

Flood Management

PROLining offer a number of products for the creation, repairs and reinforcement of flood embankments which act both as erosion protection against flood water and for flood water storage.

Fildrain captures water from above and below and when used as a starter layer and subsequent layers in the build-up of these embankments, greatly enhancing consolidation when compared to granular materials. 

Erosamat offered in mesh and grid reinforced options ( Erosamat 3/20Z500M and G50 ) offer permanent erosion control for water facing, crest and over-topping inundations. 

Erosaweb is a geo-cellular honeycomb containment system designed to confine and strengthen in-fill materials


PROlining is an entity in the Geosynthetic industry that has been established in 2018 by industry specialists. We strive to simplify the Supply and Installation of Geosynthetic material by meeting our clients every need. We perform our duties to the highest quality and standards while working closely with our clients towards a common goal.